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Our is an organization keen to promote solar thermal energy and bio-gas energy. We have the capability along with our associates to built large sized parabolic trough solar energy concentrator of unique design (patterned applied).

Unlike other existing designs our design do not need costly and problematic rotary and or flexible insulated joints to connect heat collection elements to the ground level piping network. This reduces the breakage and replacement rate of heat collection elements. Since the mirrors or mounted over riged frame work.

The maintenance of mirrors are easy and simple. Our design is capable of adopting varieties of mirror irrespective of their weight. At any time during the functioning of PTSE any type of mirror could be changed. viz glass to film, film to fiber glass mounted mirrors etc. Our solar energy concentrators are roof mountable. This thus does not need specialized errection equipments.

The structures are made out of readily available standard steel sections and tubes. The set of skill level available in INDIA is adequate for the fabrication, errection and commissioning and maintenance of parabolic trough concentrator. Our designs provides for collection of wash water for re-cycling thus reducing the water requirement.

Short length heat collection elements can be used as also long length heat collection element, thus provides flexibility for the maintenance engineers. Steam plants of smaller size to mega size could be organized. Our PTSE can be used for
1. Steam generation
2. Vapor absorption technique air conditioning
3. Desalination of salt water
4. Zero discharge effluent treatment for dying units.
5. Solar hot air plants
6. Our plants can be used for solar power generation also,
7. Since these collectors are roof mountable, space below could be profitably used for various commercial and institutional requirements.
8. It is possible to provide thermal energy storage system for production of steam after sunset for an extended our around the clock.

We have the capability to construct large sized RCC Bio-Gas digesters in the range of 60 feet to 100 feet in diameter depth varying from 6 meter to 10 meters.

We have experienced bio-technologies to handle varieties of bio-gas inputs such as bovine waste, poultry droppings, fruit process in wastes, effluent from starch manufacturing units etc..

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