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Company Info


Sricharan Foods has been conceived, nurtured and instituted by a team of professionals from the IT, Health Care and Food industries. 

We supply authentic South Indian vegetarian food to hospitals, corporate, schools, colleges, and other events / symposiums.

Over 3000 sq.ft  of kitchen space with ability to produce food on a large scale.

Workforce structured to scale and sustain across different segments.

Adoption of technology in food packing.


About Our Kitchen:

- Centralized hygienic kitchen at Perungudi.

- Strategically located to deliver food around 20 km radius.

- Strategically located to deliver food around 20 km radius.

- Food is packed in the kitchen and ready to deliver to the customer.

- Master chef with 15+ years of experience in India & abroad.

- Well experienced and trained staff.


Value Proposition :

- High Quality Ingredients

    (a) Delicious and healthy vegetarian food using high-quality ingredients.

- Authentic South Indian taste.

- Stomach Friendly Food 

    (a) No added colors, preservatives or flavor-enhancing additives.

- Customized Menu

    (a) Hospitals – Special diet for diabetic/BP patients as per  dietician advise.

      (b) Schools – Kid-friendly balanced diet.


Package & Distribution

- Innovative Packaging

   (a) Air tight & spill proof packing to ensure hygiene up to your dining place.

- Distribution 

   (a) Food package will be delivered to your door step/workplace at a specified time.

   (b) Food can also be delivered in other containers to suit customer’s requirements.


Evaluating an opportunity (Customer pain points being addressed):

-  Added stress of ensuring balanced diet  for employees.

- Kitchen outside the office  helps the space to be utilized more productively.

-  Reduced administrative time and effort of the office staff.

-  Reduced indirect costs (in terms of space, manpower, and management effort)  when sourcing from an external vendor.

-  Multiple commute overhead and strain.


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