Roff Ply Master

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Main Raw Material :
Usage :
Application :
Industrial Applications
Supply Type :
Type :
Roff Ply Master
Appearance :
White emulsion
Sp Gravity :
Mix Ratio Approx :
2.5 : 1 (by vol)
Pot life :
2 hrs at 30°C
Trafficable time :
24 hrs (max.)
Self Life :
12 months pack sealed and stored in damproof conditions
Packing :
5 & 20 lit
Open Time Approx :
10 - 15 minutes at 300C • Pot
Coverage :
55 - 60 sq ft per 6.5 lit, mixed with Roff NSA 20kg bag 3 mm bed thickness
Additional Details

Our Roff Ply Master is a flexible additive for use with Roff NSA. It is specially formulated to provide a strong bond , super flexible tile Specially exterior grade plywood and most substrates.


Fixing tiles and stone on wood , gypsum , bison, asbestos and fiber cement substrate for external / internal application in residential and commercial areas like shops , malls , club houses , country home, etc.


The surface to be tiled must be sound and cleaned thoroughly. Old surface must be free of wax, grease, polishetc.

Mix 20 kg Roff NSA to 6 to 6.5 liters of Roff Plymaster.

Mix with a trowel / slow speed drills (50 - 100 rpm) until a smooth paste free piece.

Always mix the required amount, which can be consumed in 90 min. pot life.

Spread glue on a bed of necessary thickness and comb with a notched trowel. Strictly apply the adhesive paste that can be tiled with 10 to 15 minutes.

Intermittently touch the adhesive paste on the substrate by the finger . If the fingers for glue sticks and continue tiles and otherwise scrape the adhesive and apply new coat .

Start placing the tiles on the surface to be tiled. Tap the tiles properly to ensure complete coverage of the back of tiles and eliminate the possibility of any air voids.

Keep the joints between two tiles using Spacers Tile

Allow tiles to set for 24 hours and start filling the next day joined with ROFF RAINBOW TILE MATE.


Deals in supplying various type of building materials which includes Weber color epoxy, swimming pool epoxy, commercial kitchen epoxy, industrial epoxy, bathroom epoxy, floor epoxy and walls epoxy.

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