Mini Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine

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BTI Mini Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine M-04 is a compact designed machine to serve the need of thin wire straightening and cutting 1.5 mm to 4mm mild steel, Stainless steel, Copper, Brass and Aluminum wire. BTI M-04 machine is compact but matches quality & performance with international demands that’s why it is appreciated machine in the wire industry.

BTI M-04 is used to straighten & cut wires to make cut length rods out of coils. This machine is used wherever wire is further processed in form of rods and where accurate straightening of coiled wire with clean cut required, precision and high outputs are of importance. 


In Thickness of Wire mm 1.5 to 4mm
In Length of Wire to be cut automatically mm 28 to 460 mm
Feeding Capacity per Min. 90' feet
Power of Motor H.P 2 HP
Required R.P.M 1440
Approx Weight in Kg. Net / Gross 300 /425
Floor Space required 3' X 8' Feet

Mini Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine


  • Fast Feeding
  • High speed rotating spinner for getting exact straight wire
  • Compact Design
  • Beautiful appearance, low noise
  • Low Maintenance with High Productivity
  • Cutting tools is a simple construction, easy to adjust and change
  • Specially designed half round straightening dies to help Smooth wire straightening
  • Quickly and easily adjustable dies in spinner
  • Consumes less Power


Mini Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine


  • Welding Electrodes
  • Fan Covers
  • Umbrellas
  • Wire fence
  • Spring making
  • Kitchen wares

Manufacturers and exporters of all types of wire drawing machine, wire straightening machine, wire straightening machines, wire cutting machines, tube pipe polishing machine, rod polishing machines, rod buffing machines.

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