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Asiann group of Companies started Asiann Coir Products, a manufacturing company in 2009. Asiann Coir Products is deeply dedicated to manufacture, supply and export a wide range of commendable Coir Products. Asiann coir paved us a way to the new mission ASIANN ORGANICS (read more in mission). Asiann Organics took its successful journey in the year 2012.

The first step we took was to cultivate vegetables and greens organically. We created our own organic garden and the garden gave us very fruitful results. Organic garden helped not only our health but also our surrounding environment.

We did not stop there. The second step we took was to protect us from illness. We know that new diseases are showing up all around us. Even the disease curing medicines cause side-effects. It’s now time for all of us to think about ancient medicines that our ancestors lived on healthily – Herbs. We have researched and identified several herbs with medicinal properties that can cure many diseases the natural way.

In addition to protecting us from illness, herbs can also be used for beauty care. This was our third step. Asiann Organics is bringing out our Indian traditional herbs in the form of hair care, skin care & mosquito repellents.


The idea of organic farming came to our mind when we visited Netherlands few years back. As mentioned earlier, we export coir pith products and one of our customers was from Netherlands. He invited us to visit his Vegetable Factory there, and to our surprise we found that the coir pith we exported was converted into growing medium. Using this growing medium they were cultivating vegetables organically. They were achieving vegetables yield in 10 cents that were able to get only in 15 acres.

Asiann Organics is on its mission to create a long healthy life while striving hard to protect our green planet from global warming, ozone depletion, rain shortage etc. This cannot be done alone. Join your hands and let’s start the mission to create a new greenery earth.


Many of us shop bulk veggies and store it for a week. As a result we get only rotten vegetables at the end of the week if not used. Also the vegetables/greens that we get from market which are not organically cultivated contain slow poison chemicals, fertilizers & pesticides like Endosulfan.

Are we getting any profit by consuming vegetables that aren’t fresh? Consuming fresh foods keeps our mind & body fresh. Here are the important steps to start on this journey.

Roof top/Terrace:

- Helps to get fresh organic vegetables/greens at the time of cooking.

- A good environment to do Yoga/Meditation. Imagine that you are meditating in your terrace surrounded by a good smell of herbs. How good you feel by inhaling a pure herb?

- Helps to avoid global warming. You may wonder how?! The plants you cultivate in terrace absorb the heat directly from the sunlight and gives out the water vapor to the surroundings. This helps in avoiding the ozone depletion and reduces global warming. If everyone starts the concept of roof top/terrace organic garden, we can save the world.

- A place for Stress-relief

Green House:

- Protects plants during heavy summer as well as heavy rain.

- Helps to maintain the necessary humidity for the plant growth.

- Controls pest like Grasshopper.

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