Gas Convection Ovens- P664MR

We are manufacturing a broad range Electric Convection Oven and supplied to our high valued customers. We offer this Ovens, which is produced with quality raw material with safe manner.

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Gas Convection
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CS Aerotherm Pvt Ltd
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Food Making Industry
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Stainless Steel
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Restaurants, Hotels, Front/display cooking
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Our compact convection oven is the nextin thing for small bakeries of medium size. Ideal for ALLTYPES baking bread, biscuits, croissants, puff etc. stainless steel traysfor healthy cooking. even cooking gives a perfect touch to the final product. Its elegant design does not occupy much space. It comes with aSteam function that allows you to make cupcakes, fruit cakes, spongecakes different flavors. Electricity consumption is very minimal.Eco friendly and easy to clean and maintain. You can even items maketandoori, cooked dishes such as garlic bread, rolls, pizza, steamed items like dhokla, idlis, sponge cake, delicious desserts suchas pudding, kheer. Expand your horizons and expand your business.


Stainless steel frame construction and  trays support

Halogen inner light chamber

Double glass for easy cleaning

Professional bidirectional opening handle

Chamber inner light and door inner light

Ideal for Indian Veg and Non-veg dishes.

Lip smacking desserts in minutes.

Expert in baked delights.

Effortless cooking of complex dishes.

Hands down expert in Italian, Continental cuisines.

Wholesome Gastronomical experience.

low on maintenance.

Hygienic and Ideal for small hotels, restaurants,  front/display cooking.

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