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Worm Gear Boxes

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Product Details

  • Gearing Arrangement

  • Input Speed

  • Output Torque

    from 3 NM to 655NM
  • Output Speed

    depend on ratio
  • Rated Power

    0.12 to 1.5KW
  • Color

  • Weight

    7.5 Kg
  • Lubricant

    Synthetic & Mineral
  • Standard or Nonstandard

  • Pressure

    Low Pressure

Technical Specifications

  • The casing is made of closely grained FG-260 Grade C.I.
  • The gear box is provided with amply designed fins with suitable fan for adequate dissipation of heat generated.
  • The entire design is based on BS 721:1963 to accuracy class A.
  • The gear box design is such that it is interchangeable with the standard gear boxes.
  • The worm shaft is of high quality case hardening steel very accurately generated and ground finished for better performance.
  • The worm wheel is made of extremely high quality phosphor bronzes sandwich cast / spin cast with considerably substantial section, rigidly bonded with the hub.
  • Both worm and worm wheel shafts are mounted on high quality taper roller / angular contact bearings to take care of axial thrust and overhung loads.
  • Subject to the limitation of 90°C temperature, under full load, Fenner gear box will provide minimum gear life of 20,000 Hrs. The gear box requires absolutely no attention, except to check the oil level once every fortnight.
  • Fenner worm gear box is available with ratios of 5:1 TO 70:1.


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