Vaccum Contactor

Due to the enormous skill of the industry, we provide Vaccum Contactor to our customers. Due to completion on time, our service presented is enormously admired on the market. Our service meets the customer's request.

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Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Pieces
Payment Terms:
Cash,Cheque,Demand Draft
Business Type:
Manufacturer, Distributor / Wholesaler
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Product manufactured In:
Electricity Type :
Main Circuit Rating Current :
Main Circuit Rating Voltage :
High Voltage
Numberof Pole :
Poles :
Single & Three
Range :
7.2 KV
Available :
Electrical/Mechanical Latch Type
Motors :
High voltage
Breaking capacity :
Service Life :
Maintenance Cost :
Max. Current :
Rated Voltage :
Color :
As Request
Ambient air temperature :
-20C to 60 C
Condition :
Diameter :
Dimension :
As per Machine Model
Price :
Quality :
Additional Details

Pentagon Switchgear Private Limited manufactures a single pole / three pole SUCTION CONTACTOR ratings 7.2kV / 12kV, 400A / 800A with electric lock and mechanical latch types. These vacuum contactors are manufactured using strict quality controls. Vacuum contactors can be supplied as fixed type or Trolley type. These contactors can be used for versatile applications such as high-voltage motors, transformers, capacitors to improve power factor, electric oven etc. Features include our Qualitative Vacuum Contactors are widely recognized for a number of devices as follows. They have the following special properties: High breaking capacity, Long service life, Less maintenance, Can be maneuvered even under the most unfavorable conditions and frequent operation, Mechanical interlock for forward and reverse, Single phase protection.

Pentagon Switchgear Private Limited has been established in the year of 2005 by top notch engineering professionals having nearly 15 to 25 years of experience in Switch gears, who are experts in Design, Manufacturing, Marketing, Quality Control and after Sales Service.

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Trade & Market
Main Markets:
Eastern Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia
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