UV Glue

Our respected clients can avail from us a quality proven range of UV Glue, which is formulated by taking of optimum quality ingredients. These adhesives are procured under the strict eye of our quality controllers who make sure that flawless range is

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UV Glue
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Industrial Applications
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UV-30-21, UV-30-20, UV-30-12
Additional Details

The type of material on which you wish to use, UV Glue will affect the type and strength of bonding success. One good rule of thumb to remember is that the smoother the bonding surfaces and the thinner the layer of adhesive used, the stronger the bond will be. Surfaces which are not completely smooth and are not clamped to prevent movement during curing will not give a long term bond.


V Glue Series

UV glue can be used  for bonding

UV-30-21 Series

UV-30-12 Series

UV-30-20 Series

Acrylic To Acrylic

Glass To Glass

Glass To Metal



Step 1

All surfaces to be bonded must be completely cleaned with a lint free cloth, free of grease and dry. We do not recommend using cleaners as they can sometimes leave a residue which can affect bond strength.

Step 2

To ensure optimal bonding it is essential not to let parts moving about during  the curing time_ It is therefore crucial to use appropriate positioning devices.

Step 3

(i) Adhesive should be applied horizontally. Bonding vertically will not allow for a consistent and even application of adhesive and could lead to problems.

(ii) Excessive amounts of adhesive applied to a joint can lead to inferior bonding strength.

Step 4

(i) Apply the adhesive in a 'caterpillar' fashion before joining parts.

(ii)  Parts should be lowered slowly and evenly to avoid trapping any air within the joint and allow for an even spread of the adhesive.

(iii) You may find it necessary to raise and lower the parts before final cure occurs. This will allow for maximum distribution of the adhesive over the whole area of the joint.

Step 5

Next is the procedure of curing off the adhesive. It is possible to under-cure but not over-cure the adhesive so we recommend curing the material under the lamp for as long as 1 minute.


Pointers to Note:

(1) The white light / UV lamp used should exceed the dimensions of the joint to be bonded. An overlap should occur between lamp and material.

(2)The lamp should be held as close as possible to the joint while curing is taking place.

(3)The material should not be moved during curing.

(4)Ensure there is no vibration of the joint or lamp during the curing process.

(5)Protective glasses and gloves should be worn at all times when handling the UV glue and using UV lamps.


Since its inception in 1980 we have strived to introduce the latest in technology to the Gulf & neighbouring countries. We have sourced out machines and material from all parts of the world by visiting various trade shows and factories.

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