TDS Meter

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Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Pieces
Payment Terms:
Cash,Cheque,Demand Draft
Business Type:
Request for Quote
Product manufactured In:
Product Reference Code:
TDS 102
Supply Ability:
7 Pieces per Day
Resolution :
0.01 ppm Minimum
Temperature Compensation :
0 – 150ºC MTC
Input Connection :
Banana Socket
Weight :
1.7 Kg (Approx.)
Platinum Conductivity Cell :
Technology :
Solid State Technology And IC Circuitry
Selector switch :
Multi position
Quality :
Price :
Supply Type :
Accuracy :
± 1% of range ± 1 Digit
Power Supply :
90 to 270V AC / DC / 50Hz
Dimension :
235 (W) x 185 (D) x 75 (H) mm
Features :
Versatile And Reliable
Display :
4 Digit 0.5” Seven Segment LED Display
Operating Environment :
0 – 50ºC / 5 to 95 % RH Non Condensing
Conductivity Cell :
Platinum Electrode with Banana attachment
Range :
0-2000ppm, 0-200ppt(2,00000ppm) (Auto Ranging)
Accessories :
Operation manual, electrode stand set, electrode clip
Applications :
Drinking Water plant,Pharmaceutical,RO Water Treatment,Plating,Sewage Water & Health Care

SANSEL INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS is a leading organisation that has established itself in the manufacturers of wide range of products that include Temperature Caliators, Indicators, Controller,Voltmeter and also undertaking calibration of Temperature and Pressure Instruments.

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