Sintered Self Lubricating Bushes

FOB Price:
INR 1 ~ 200 per Pieces
Minimum Order Quantity:
2000 Pieces
Payment Terms:
Not mentioned
Business Type:
Manufacturer, Exporter
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Production Capacity:

Precision Sintered Products (PSP) as one of the leading Indian Manufacturer & Exporter of Sintered Self Lubricating Bush & Powder Metal Structural Part such as Sintered Metal Bearing, Sintered Self Lubricating Bushing, Oilite bearings, Powder Metal Part, Sintered Gears, Sintered Inner Outer Rotors, Sintered Oil Impregnated Bushes, Bronze Bushes

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Trade & Market
Main Markets:
North America, Mid East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Africa
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Sintered Self Lubricating Bushes

Min Order Qty :
2000 Pieces
INR 1 ~ 200 per Pieces
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