Rotary Bending Machines

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Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Pieces
Payment Terms:
Cash,Cheque,Demand Draft
Business Type:
Distributor / Wholesaler, Exporter
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Product manufactured In:
Standards :
DIN 50 113
Range :
0.1 - 20 Nm,,0.5 - 60 Nm,5 - 200 Nm,10 - 500 Nm.
Ambient Temperature :
Up to 1000 °C.
Condition :
Standard Or Non Standard :
Supply Type :
Driven Type :
Price :
Features :
Reliable and Durable
Voltage :
220 - 460 V
Construction :
Strong And Sturdy
Power Source :
AC Power
Frequency :
50 - 60 HZ

ABS Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is a twenty five year old company that supplies the best in materials testing equipment from all over the world to our customers in India. In the high technology world of materials testing, we believe in forging relationships not only with the manufacturers, but wherever possible, with their suppliers as well.

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Trade & Market
Main Markets:
Mid East, Eastern Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia
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