Hiring new staff investigation (pre /post employee verification)

When you think that an individual or company may not be telling the complete truth about their history, we can investigate their background and provide you with a concise report.

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When you think that an individual or company may not be telling the complete truth about their history, we can investigate their background and provide you with a concise report. We ensure cost-effective reports by asking you to stipulate how historic the information should be and the type of information required. This means that you will not be charged fro information that you do not require. From confirming a person’s pervious address, marital history or corporate dealings, to compiling an in-depth history of an offshore business – whatever the level of investigation, we will combine investigate “Know-how” with global information sources to obtain the details you need.

In considering the employment of an individual or a person you wish to do business with, you will be interested in checking his stated personal background. These checks provide an invaluable and objective insight into validation of residence, house value or amount of rent, reputation, past employers, pastimes, studies, verification of qualifications and business activities.

Hiring new staff is always difficult, especially those who are to be placed into management or executive positions. It is found that most potential employers and employment agencies base a majority of their hiring decisions on three in factor – the curriculum vitae, recommendations received by 3rd parties and personality of the potential employee

An individual, to give him or her advantage over other candidates, can manipulate any one of these factors. In some cases these indiscretions are minor – maybe the addition of some “team sport” hobbies on a CV. To show a willingness to collaborate with others, or suchlike, however, in some cases these indiscretions are much more serious. It is not unheard of in the realm of corporate espionage for a malicious competitor to get one of their own staff to apply for a position within a company.

This individual concerned may use a completely false background – even a false name, have letters of recommendation from companies that don’t exist, and list qualifications specific to the required position.

Our corporate clients depend on us to conduct investigation on comprehensive background profiles regarding prospective job candidates. Prior criminal history, driving record, credit, education, employment history and workers' compensation claims history are among the areas examined and investigated.

  • Post/pre employment screening,
  • Record checks,
  • Personal checks
  • Reference checks
  • Experience checks
  • Criminal record checks
  • Conduct checks
  • Certificates checks    
  • Resume/curriculum vitae verification

007 Detective, Private Investigators, - is known throughout INDIA as a dedicated professional Detective agency in Chennai Tamilnadu India. Founded on a reputation of quality, service and integrity, 007 Detective Agency has continued to deliver premium services since early 1981.

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