Dr. Vayu Reciprocating Oil Free Compressor

We are offering a wide range of Dr. Vayu Reciprocating Oil Free Compressor with good quality materials.

FOB Price:
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Minimum Order Quantity:
1 Pieces
Payment Terms:
Cash,Cheque,Demand Draft
Business Type:
Trading Company, Distributor / Wholesaler, Retailer
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Product manufactured In:
Supply Ability:
1 Pieces per Day
Type :
Vayu Reciprocating Oil Free Compressor
Compressed Air :
Truly oil-free
Design :
Extremely Hygiene-Sensitive Medical, Dental & Pharma Industry
Free Components :
Technologically Advanced Friction
Pneumatic Circuit Breakers :
High Voltage
Cable :
Model :
OF 01 080
KW (HP) :
0.75 (1.0)
Litres :
45 Hor*
lpm(cfm) :
105 (3.7)
bar (psi) :
8 (116)
rpm :
Wide Network :
Prompt After Sales Service
Tropicalised :
Suitable For Local Conditions
Reed Valve :
Low Noise
Handle :
Easy Mobility
Supply Type :
Price :
Condition :
Applications :
Small Machine Shops & Work Shop
Brand Name :
Additional Details

We manufacture, supply and export a wide range of products such as oil-free compressors that have been designed efficiently and have been manufactured using the best technology available in the market and they offer high performance to Customers. These products have a very robust brand and they have been designed efficiently and they have been priced at very affordable market rates.


CITY ELECTRICAL CORPORATION, incorporated in 1963, is an authorized dealer for Elgi Equipment Ltd., and are dealing with Screw Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors, Vayu Compressors, Service Station Equipment and Bore well Compressors. We are leading Compressor dealer in Coimbatore, Tirupur and Palakkad.

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