Customized Timers

We provide our customers with a complete range of Customized Timers. This timer is also known as a sequencer or sequential timer that allows multiple outputs to be powered on and off at a time.

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Features :
User friendly
Timer setting :
Continuous Cyclic Timer :
On / Off
Independent :
Timer functions
Realtime Cyclic Timer :
On / Off
Individual :
RTC timers
Mode :
Control :
Residential and Commercial lighting
Used In :
Hotels, Hospitals & Educational Institutions
Certificate :
ISO 9000:2008
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Use :
Realtime Cyclic Timer :
Additional Details

We are also engaged in manufacturing, exporting Customized Timers. Our sequencer sequencer is a complete solution for the industries and widely demanded in several industries for the measurement of the efficiency or the performance of several types of machines.

General Features

User friendly LED indications

Attractive LCD display

User programmable timer setting

In-built Timers

Continuous Cyclic Timer (CYC)

(1) User Programmable four cyclic timers with separate ON / OFF time

(2) Each timer functions independently

(3) All the four timers can be operated in cyclic manner

Realtime Cyclic Timer (RTC)

(1) User Programmable four RTC timers with individual ON / OFF time


Suitable for

To control compressor air valve changeover in cyclic mode, street lights in RTC mode, hoarding lights with RTC / CT mode, To control Residential and Commercial lighting and  lighting system for Hotels, Hospitals & Educational Institutions


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Trade & Market
Main Markets:
Mid East, Eastern Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia
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