Black/White Colored Gelatin Capsules

We are supplying 100% BSE free Black/White Colored Gelatin Capsules to our clients.

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Gelatin Capsules
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100% BSE free
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100% hide gelatin
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There are several reasons why you may choose to buy colored gel caps over clear gel caps. Colored gelatin capsules will provide the protection that your ingredients need, if you wish to fill the empty gel capsules with light-sensitive contents. But often a superior reason is that colored gel caps are tremendous for branding and product recognition purposes. Consumers will be familiar with your products as, say, the Black and White gelatin capsules, the red and white capsule, etc. By making use of color psychology , when choosing the color of empty gel capsules, you can induce an emotional response to your product as well. Buy colored gelatin capsules From India Pharma Mart wholesaler



Pharmaceutical-grade gelatin 100% BSE Free

No Additives Preservative Free Non GMO Gluten Free

KOSHER and HALAL certified

100% Bovine Hide Gelatin – Manufactured and shipped from GMP certified facilities.

Highest Quality in the Industry

Sizes available from large to small size

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