Biometric Fingerprint Devices

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1 Pieces
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Trading Company, Distributor / Wholesaler, Exporter
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Type :
Biometric Fingerprint Devices
Language :
Multi Language
Speaker :
Voice Prompt
Operation Temperature :
0 ~ 45
Operation Humidity :
20% ~ 80%
Power :
110/220VAC ~ 5VDC
Length :
178 mm
Width :
139 mm
Height :
49 mm
Communication :
TCP/IP, RS232/485
Attendance status :
Check in, Check out
Fingerprint Capacity :
Log Capacity :
Verification Speed :
Identification Speed :
LCD Display :
4 lines Character white LCD 128*64
Technical Specifications

* Multi Language, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc., for

Technical Specifications Capacity
* Fingerprint capacity: 1,800
* Log capacity: 80,000

* Verification speed(1:1): ≤0.5s
* Identification speed(1:N): ≤1s
* FRR: ≤0.01%
* FAR: ≤0.0001%

Additional Options
* Fingerprint time attendance alone.
* Fingerprint time attendance built-in Proximity reader
* Fingerprint time attendance built-in Mifare reader

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Trade & Market
Main Markets:
Eastern Asia
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