Automatic Thread Rolling Machine

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1 Pieces
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Manufacturer, Distributor / Wholesaler, Exporter
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Product manufactured In:
Type :
Automatic Thread Rolling Machine
Rolls Open :
110 mm
Rolls Close :
95 mm
Roll Diameter :
Min 95 mm, Max 105 mm
Bore Diameter :
Spindle Diameter :
Job Diameter :
Min. 2 mm, Max 10 mm
Pitch :
Max 1.5mm
Thread Length Max :
20 mm
Centre Height :
85 mm
Main Motor :
1 HP/0.75 Kw
Coolant Motor :
0.12 HP
Space Requirement :
L 500 W 500
Weight :
Approx 200 Kgs

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Trade & Market
Main Markets:
Eastern Asia
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