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Product manufactured In:
Interiors & Exterior :
4 ½” & 9”
Basement Height :
3 from Earth Soil
Room Height :
10’0” feet
Tiles :
Marbonite Tiles (2’x2’)
Thickness :
25mm thick Brick Jelly
Lime Concrete :
R.C.C Footing Size :
Not Less Than 4’6” x 4’6”
Bathroom Wall Tiles Height :
Kitchen Wall Tiles Height :
Wash Area Wall Tiles Height :
Teak Wood/Padak Frame :
MS Square Bars :
12 mm
Windows :
3” P.C Hinges
Hooks or Immix Hinges :
Handles :
CPVC Pipe :
PVC Pipe :
Diameter for Bathroom Pipe :
C.S of Plinth Beam - PB1 :
8mm Diameter ST
Filling :
Sand Filling
Power Load :
H.P : 100.00 & K.W : 99.00
Technical Specifications


     Internal walls shall be finished with one coat of waterproof wall primer (white cement) and two coats of rough and fine putty and again one coat of water proof primer and touch up putty. Putty smoothing with sand paper’s finally one coats of emulsion paint. For External walls one base coat of water proof white cement and two coats of exterior emulsion paints. For windows inside and outside one coat of wood primer two coats of putty and two coats of enamel paint. All MS grills with one coat of Anticorrosion primer and two coats of Enamel Paint. The colour choice of both shall be as per Architect's advice.


        (A) 3/4” CPVC pipe ‘B’ class and 3/4” PVC pipe 15kg/sqcm(Blue pipe) for concealed water lines.

       (B) Hot & cold water 3 in 1 wall mixer along with overhead rain shower with min. 100 diameter outlet for the one located in the attached bathroom. Hot and cold water piping provision to connect the Geyser. Fixing provision for the geyser shall be made in this Bath room. One additional short Bibcock near EWC shall also be provided. Geyser will be provided by the owner. 

       (C) For common bathroom. All the above fittings except for hot water and Geyser provision shall be made. 

       (D) EWC in each Bathroom (White/off white) with cistern. 

       (E) Wash basin (white/ off white) one number in each bathroom and in Dining area with long Bibcock (Chrome plated Brass body).(One long body Sinkcock with swivel spout in Kitchen sink and an additional Bipcock connection to Aqua-guard. 

       (F) Health faucet with Stainless Steel Hose and Hook near each EWC in the Bathroom along with Chrome plated Brass Body Tap. 

       (G) One short body bibcock for Washing Machine and a drain connection for the same shall be provided.


1. All the electrical switches are mounted in concealed modular metal box.

2. Incoming power cable from 3-Phase meter Board to receive the Incoming 3- Phase Neutral feeder, for each floor

3. Main DB shall be provided with the following:

       (a) The Main 3-phase TPN Isolator with Overload Trip.

       (b) 3 Nos. Phase selector with indication.

       (c) One Safe – Trip ELCB per Main DB.

       (d) Individual High Capacity MCBs for two nos. A/Cs, one geyser, one washing  machine, Microwave, Fridge.

 4. Hall : 

Light point – 4 Nos

Fan point – 3 Nos

Fancy lights  - 4 Nos

5 amps Plug – 4 Nos

TV/Phone Cable – 2 Nos

Computer Cable – 1 No

  5. Bed Room: 

Light point – 3 Nos.

Fan point – 2 Nos

5 amps Point –  3 Nos

Music System –  1 No

20A Metal Plug –  1 No

With Cap for A/C

 6. Dining: 

Light point – 1 No

Fan point – 1 No

15 amps Point –  2 Nos

15 amps Point – 1 No

 7. Lobby/Stair 

Light Point – 2 Nos

Calling Bell – 1 No

 8. Balcony:

Light Point – 2 Nos

9. Kitchen: 

Light Point – 2 Nos

Fan Point – 2 Nos

15 Amp Point – 3 Nos

     Fridge Point – 1 No

  10. Both Bathrooms: 

Light Point – 4 Nos

Geyer Point – 1 No

 5 amps Point – 2 Nos

 11. Bed Rooms

A/C Points – 2 Nos 



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Main Markets:
North America, Oceania, Northern Europe, South America, Mid East, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Eastern Asia, South Asia
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