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SHAH INDUSTRIES founded at Chennai, TamilNadu in the year 1992 a thrust to provide feature products at a cost effective price. Shah industries were essentially into the production of wax-based products under the brand name 'CLEANMAX', 'MAXFIX' and 'BONDFIX' such as 'CLEANMAX COMPUTER POLISH, MAXFIX SOLDERING FLUX, and BONDFIX SYNTHETIC RUBBER BASED ADHESIVE'. We have gained appreciation in the business for offering high quality and approved regulated products to our clients. Our good quality is offering to our customer, at cost efficient pricing, has given great customer happiness, therefore, presenting us grow from our year of setting up.

We are now a well-known company offering high-quality goods at a subsidized price.We are now foraying into making of cleaning substances for the household products under the current brand name 'CLEANMAX' namely 'CLEANMAX LIQUID DETERGENT, 'CLEANMAX TOILET BOWL CLEANER', 'CLEANMAX GLASS and HOUSEHOLD CLEANER', 'CLEANMAX DISINFECTANT SURFACE CLEANER', 'CLEANMAX HANDWASH LIQUID', 'CLEANMAX DISHWASH LIQUID' and 'CLEANMAX FABRIC CONDITIONER' which shall be quality-wise strong and price-wise simply affordable to customers which will be produced by the use of nature raw materials. Considering that “Consumer Is King,” our thought is to provide the users with safe products at an affordable price with minimum fixed service charges. We also offer these produce in customized plans.We further anticipate qualified publishers and dealers to make our long-vision fruitful by making our products reach every consumer.

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