Press Release

A new business portal for small and medium enterprises promises to fill the gap that has been daunting the SMEs in getting full actualization. With the launch of the way business is carried out will changed dramatically.Reducing marketing cost, globally enhancing company and product visibility and ensuring higher ROI will be the immediate upshot.

Because there is no economy without SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises deserve a fitting platform to help them get their ideas off the ground, grow and flourish.

Murugesan Dhanapal, CEO of the flagship company Floret Media, under whose aegis a marketing portal has been created, feels the portal will be an ideal platform for SMEs cutting through industry verticals across the world to leverage on specially tailored features that would change the way SMEs have been faring against stiff global competition. In order to help the SMEs across the world Dhanapal and his team have developed a business to business portal that is completely free, user friendly and information driven one stop solution for the SMEs.

SMEs world wide have been providing economic succor to both developing and highly developed countries cutting across continents. It is not farfetched to say that SMEs in pink of health indicates a booming economy.

Indian SMEs account for almost 45 percent of industrial output and 40 percent of India’s total exports. However, when it comes to contribution to total GDP, its share is not so encouraging 17%. This would appear positively dismal if it is compared with contribution of some highly developed and fast developing countries. 99% of all European businesses are SMEs and their contribution to GDP is whooping 60%. In China, India's bete noire in world politics and business SMEs account for similar 99% of all enterprises.

SMEs play the good fairy in creating millions of jobs, especially at the low-skill level. In India the country's 1.3 million SMEs account for 40% of India's workforce. But the damper comes when the fact emerges that in spite of such impressive statistics SMEs contribute only 17% of total GDP. One does not have to scratch the surface to find the underlying dilemma. Too many enterprises remain in a small groove unsure of their own potential.

Why in developing countries SMEs remain small is not so much due to lack of merit but mainly external factors. The bug bear are lack of finance, , limited access to technology, low level of skills training, rules & regulations prevalent in the country, stiff global competition and high cost involved in conventional methods of marketing.

SMEs’ who do business internationally perform better and support higher. It is in this context, Dhanapal's portal appears like a beacon of hope for not only Indian but SMEs the world over.

According to Murugesan Dhanapal whose flagship company Floret Media Pvt. Ltd. has already made a mark in the digital marketing of SMEs, some of the challenges faced by such enterprises are :-

It is in this context the appears significant. It is not about joining the band wagon of digital marketing portal with its tried and tested solutions but some of the differentials that are hoped to balance the stilted and often lopsided growth of small and medium enterprises the world over. One of Pepegoras major differentials is the use of analytics. It is very important to measure, analyse the performance of the company's online presence, virtual business showroom and demand for its product. integrated with analytics provides statistics about the user’s website's traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales. One can also check the number of times (i.e. impressions) of his/her website was seen in Apart from these offers leads analytics option, where one can get analytics report for leads generated through products and deals.